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*RIDE OR GLIDE HAPPENS THIS SATURDAY*You can register for the Ride or Glide on the day of the event — April 1! Biker and skier OR skier and skier. Register here: www.rideorglide.com/
*MULTISPORT ROUNDUP*Alaska Sports Report’s Matias Saari has a roundup of several multi-sport races, including the White Mountains 100 and the Iditarod Trail Invitational.
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From the Iditarod Trail Invitational to the Lavaman Triathlon to the White Mountains 100, Alaskas excelled in multi-discipline events this past month. Here’s a round-up: alaskasportsreport.com/2023/03/multi-discipline-race-roundup-lavaman-iditarod-trail-invitational-white-mountains-100-and-more/
*EXPLORING BIKEPACK RACING *The show RadioLab looks at the solo endeavor of bikepack racing and features Alaska bikepack racer Lael Wilcox.
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Do you prefer to ride difficult routes by yourself or with others? This episode of Radiolab examines what the company of others does for us and sometimes how it can seem like it makes things more difficult. Reported by Cat Jaffee who goes on a ride with Lael Wilcox. radiolab.org/episodes/alone-enough
*NOTES FROM THE ITI*Jay Cable, a Fairbanksan and one of the Iditarod Trail Invitational finishers, has an interesting blog post with photos of entries in cabin and shelter logbooks and on from the walls. Some are from many years past. yak.spruceboy.net/2023/03/to-those-that-have-come-before-log-books-and-cabin-walls-of-the-iditarod-trail.html
*COMMENT PERIOD OPEN ON ARMY TRAINING LANDS*This might be of interest to some cyclists. Several trails and roads are in the training areas, including Donnelly Dome and the gravel roads just north of it. fm.kuac.org/military/2023-03-28/blm-seeks-public-comment-on-army-public-land-use-for-training
*INNOVATION IN CYCLING GEAR TRAINS*This might be too gear-nerdy for many, but it is interesting to see what’s going on in the bike drivetrain innovation world. Gearboxes could be a major shift (nyuck, nyuck) in the biking world.
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When the Pinion gearbox launched in 2006, the German company took a massive risk by abandoning the typical derailleur/cassette-style drivetrain in favor of the same technology used in automobile transmissions. Find our full Pinion gearbox review here with insight into this system and our findings on the 12-speed and 9-speed C-line after bikepacking and trail riding with them for several months. Plus, learn how the Pinion’s gearing compares to other drivetrains and much more… bikepacking.com/gear/pinion-gearbox-review/
*FLAHERTY WINS THE WHITE MOUNTAINS 100*Congrats Tyson! Looking forward to all the results!
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Congratulations Tyson Flaherty for winning the Bike Division!!
*PUMP TRACK POSSIBILITIES*The city of Sitka built a pump track. Seems like we could have one in Fairbanks. Goldstream Sports has one. And there’s a skills park behind the ball field next to the Goldstream Ken Kunkel community center. Anyone willing to take on a project like this?
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A short video about building the new pump track in Sitka last year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnFSXhWrC1k
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