Only two people joined our ride leaders on the FCC Sundays on Snow ride! Hope everyone else got out anyway. If not, here’s what you missed. (Don’t read if you don’t want to be jealous!)

Ride Report and Photos from Travis:

Ride leaders Travis and Erica were joined by Craig and Josh at the Muskox Farm parking area. The muskox were hanging out close enough to see.

We cruised over to the hay field and down to Sheep Creek Road. We crossed and tried out a narrowly packed connector trail over to the Ace Lake trail system. Those trails were nicely packed and very fast. We quickly had to de-layer as the temperature rose to the high 30s and the sun came out.

We crossed the powerline and arrived at Henderson road for our biggest climb. A slight breeze helped a little with the sweating and we stopped for snacks at the top of Happy Ridge. The downhill was well-packed and fast. We had to stop and ask a moose to get out of our way before finishing the downhill and cruising down the boat trail.

We crossed back over Sheep Creek road and proceeded to the bottom of Miller hill. Craig left us there to finish his ride and the rest of us went north across Goldstream Creek and then east to Ballaine, all on well groomed/packed trails. We saw lots of other happy people on this sunny section.

We did a nice loop on the east side of Ballaine before returning along the south side of the valley to Miller Hill and our final climb to the start. Temperatures reached the low 40s and we all felt lucky to enjoy such a great spring day in Fairbanks.