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*TRIKE ALASKA OFFERING DEMO RIDES AT OUTDOOR SHOW*Trike Alaska will be at the Outdoor Show this weekend and will be giving free demo rides.
Shared from Trike Alaska
Are you ready to get some exercise and get in shape when the snow melts? It’s not about getting in shape, it’s about staying in shape for the rest of your life and you don’t do something for the rest of your life unless you enjoy it.
If that hunched over position with a lot of weight on your wrists and your neck cranked back, sitting on a few square inches of steel covered by a quarter inch of foam on a regular bike isn’t for you anymore, an e-assist recumbent tadpole trike might be what you’re looking for.
Instead of nervously scanning the road immediately in front of you to avoid loose gravel and potholes so you don’t end up dumping it, a trike allows you to lean back, supported by a few square feet of foam covered seat with a commanding view that allows you to visually look around you without worrying about balancing anything.
But you have to test ride one to really get the sensation. It’s called getting the trike smile. And it’s something you will look forward to doing every day instead of knowing that you should get some exercise, but put it off because it’s not fun.  Trike Alaska will be at the Outdoor Show at the Carlson center this coming weekend. Weather permitting you can take a demo rides outside. We have a good selection of ICE and Catrike trikes that will be there for you to contemplate. See you there. fairbanksevents.com/outdoor-show/
*UAF GREEN BIKES SALE*Reminder that UAF Green Bikes will be having a sale on April 26.
Shared from UAF Green Bikes
Come to our garage sale on Wednesday, April 26, 4-6pm at the Wood Center Lounge! We will be selling some of our older fleet bikes, as well as some tools, parts and accessories. For more info: 907- 474-7375 or uaf-greenbikes@alaska.edu
*BIKE/PED ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEETING*The Bike/Ped Advisory Committee for FAST Planning (Fairbanks Area Surface Transportation Planning) will be meeting next Thursday. Main Agenda Items include: *Eco Counters *College Road/Illinois Street Intersection Signage and Snow Removal *MACS Transit *Bikeways Map/Bike Friendly Business Program *Annual Bicycle and Pedestrian Count *Curb Ramp Accessibility
*OPEN HOUSE ON YANKOVICH/MILLER HILL ROAD PROJECT*An open house on the Yankovich Road/Miller Hill Road Reconstruction and Multi Use Path project will be held on Wednesday, May 3 at 5:30 p.m. at UAF U-Park Building, 1000 University Ave, Rm 156. The goal of this project is to make Yankovich and Miller Hill roads safer for all users.
Learn more about the open house and project here. dot.alaska.gov/nreg/yankovich-miller/
*REDUCING BIKEPACKING WASTE*Cycling is usually considered eco-friendly, but there are aspects of bikepacking that might not be so green. Here’s an article that gives tips on how to reduce your impact.
Shared from BIKEPACKING.com
Convenience has become so second nature that we often seek it out without thinking, even in our outdoor adventures. If you’re disheartened by all the discarded packaging that seems to accompany the pursuit of the simple life, check out this fully updated guide to Low-Waste Bikepacking for hints and tips for reducing the trash you create on your next bike tour… bikepacking.com/plan/guide-low-waste-bikepacking/
*FAST PLANNING GETS FAMILY FRIENDLY AWARD*Nice to see this! FAST Planning does a lot for bike/ped infrastructure around Fairbanks.
Shared from Fairbanks Area Surface Transportation Planning is in Fairbanks, AK. April 18
Congratulations to our Executive Director, Jackson Fox, for being awarded with the “Family Friendly Workplace” distinction at today’s Greater Fairbanks Chamber Luncheon. His leadership and dedication to fostering a supportive work environment for his employees and their families have been instrumental in earning this recognition from the Early Childhood Development Commission of the #FNSB. It is an honor to work with someone who truly cares about the well-being of his team members and their loved ones.
Another round of thanks to Jackson for all that he does 👏🏽 👏🏽 👏🏽
*REGULAR FCC RIDES ADJUSTED FOR LATE WINTER*Due to our determined winter hanging on for longer than normal, several of our regular rides will be starting a bit later than normal due to unsafe road conditions. (Too much snow and ice on the roads.)
The WOW ride scheduled for this week has been canceled. The next scheduled ride is April 26. The LOL ride organizers have bumped up the date of their first ride to April 27. The SCUM rides typically start a bit later. Their first ride is a DIY affair on April 30, with their first group ride scheduled for May 7.
All the ride schedules have been updated on our Rides page: www.fairbankscycleclub.org/rides/
Here’s to hoping that the sun and warm temperatures come soon. Meanwhile, all you dedicated fatbikers, have fun with this extended season!
P.S. Sorry to those who are getting the double emails. We will soon get rid of the old FCC listserv and then we’ll be back to single emails.
Jahir Javier Ahmed, from London, will be visiting Fairbanks in May. He will be here from May 13 to May 27. He is a road cyclist and is looking for others to ride with and show him places to ride. He has purchased an FCC membership and plans to try to join in some of the regular rides, but he is hoping to connect with others for other rides. He is on Facebook and Instagram. Anyone interested in riding with Jahir and introducing him to road cycling in Fairbanks, please send him a message on Facebook or Instagram. www.facebook.com/jahir.ahmed.92
*TRAILS ARE IMPORTANT FOR ALASKA’S ECONOMY*In addition to being fun and good for our health, trails in Alaska are good for our economy. More people are coming up to the Fairbanks area to experience our off-road biking. The White Mountains National Recreation Area is a good example. People come from other parts of Alaska and from Outside to take fatbike cabin trips, alaskabeacon.com/2023/04/17/advocates-make-an-economic-development-case-for-improving-alaskas-outdoor-trails/
*LEAGUE HAS PRIZES FOR JOINING*The league is an excellent cycling advocacy and education group. Consider joining.
Shared from League of American Bicyclists
Want the chance to win a Tern Bicycles’ Link A7 folding bike? How about a rain cape from Cleverhood? Join or renew your League membership in April and ride home with a gift from our spring member drive giveaway — there’s even more bike swag up for grabs! ➡️ bikeleague.org/memberdrive
*FCC RESOURCES*We’ve got lots of useful stuff on our website, including a bunch of information on our Resources page and under our Resources dropdown menu: –Bikeways Fairbanks cycling map –Info on Alaska cycling laws –Tanana Valley State Forest Roads –National and International Cycling Advocacy Groups –Winter Riding Tips –Maps Archive
See those and more under Resources at: www.fairbankscycleclub.org/