Due to our determined winter hanging on for longer than normal, several of our regular rides will be starting a bit later than normal due to unsafe road conditions. (Too much snow and ice on the roads.)
The WOW ride scheduled for this week has been canceled. The next scheduled ride is April 26. The LOL ride organizers have bumped up the date of their first ride to April 27. The SCUM rides typically start a bit later. Their first ride is a DIY affair on April 30, with their first group ride scheduled for May 7.
All the ride schedules have been updated on our Rides page: www.fairbankscycleclub.org/rides/
Here’s to hoping that the sun and warm temperatures come soon. Meanwhile, all you dedicated fatbikers, have fun with this extended season!
P.S. Sorry to those who are getting the double emails. We will soon get rid of the old FCC listserv and then we’ll be back to single emails.