Trail users, your help is needed ASAP.
We have a chance to include a Steese Expressway underpass at the Steese/Johansen intersection as part of a major overhaul of the intersection. In fact, trail volunteers have been working on getting the underpass for years.
It would allow a variety of trail users, motorized and non-motorized, to access trails and other facilities on the east side of the Steese, such as the trails in Birch Hill Recreation Area, to trails and facilities, on the west side, such as the Creamer’s Field Refuge trails and the shopping area.
Unfortunately, the underpass appears that it might not get included in the project. But efforts are underway to make sure that it does. And we need your help now!
Please read the article at the link below explaining the situation and then make sure to check out the “Here’s How You Can Help” section.