Report by Jordan

To the end of the pavement on Murphy Dome Road! (Aka “if you get dropped it’s all over” ride)

Eight of us started out from UAF into a fierce head wind! This was the biggest WOW group of the year so far so great opportunity for a fast pace line! However, as we turned onto Murphy Dome Rd that fast pace line shot away from me and so began the epic pace line chase of Murphy Dome!

Corrine, Elaine, and I were chasing down the fast women in front! I managed to catch Maria and we charged onward towards the quickly escaping pace line! We got up to Erica, who had fallen off the end, and she was able to grab our coat tails as we wizzed by! I could see Hannah, Mallory, and Olivia up ahead as they continued their full on charge! Surging forward with every new leader!

Erica, Maria, and I frantically pedaled in a desperate attempt to close the gap! After another awesome pull from Maria, I kicked it into high gear and pushed to try to grab onto Hannah’s wheel. But they were still too far! But now looking back, Maria and Erica were too far behind! So I had to push alone.

Feeling my legs burning I slowly closed the gap! I finally came within a bikes length! “I’m so CLOSE!!” I yelled in desperation! The three leaders delayed their next charge just long enough for me to grab on!! Woohoo!!! Maria and Erica quickly joined and we flew up the rest of Murphy Dome!

Regrouping at the top, we all turned around ready to enjoy the tail wind! That charge had taken its toll on me though! I struggled to grab the line after the down hill and then got dropped when I changed leaders close to the turn off for Spinach Creek. These are some fast bikers!!! The average speed was 20 mph and the fastest clocked speed was 42!!!

We got stopped by the train on the way back and picked up a random biker who joined our pace line! I wasn’t in the right gear and WOW waits for no one! So I got dropped again! A super fast ride back to UAF! Wow what an amazing ride!!!