Report by Erica

Weather cooperated and the rain cleared out in time for the ride tonight. However, a brisk steady wind was blowing. There were lots of headwinds tonight (no mosquitoes though)!

Four of us showed up: Jordan, Hannah, Heidi and me. It was great to have Heidi back! We started the ride a few min late to wait for Jordan and Hannah. Riding through UAF a strong wind blew my front wheel sideways a bit but managed to stay upright and moving forward. We rode a brisk pace to Yankovich then down Miller Hill. We regrouped at the bottom before heading towards Chena Ridge.

Riding up Chena Ridge with headwinds was tough! Heidi yelled at me to ride fast and PR, with those winds definitely wasn’t going to happen! I led the charge up the climb, Heidi was close behind. Heidi was able to almost catch me on the downhills, but I would pull away on the uphills. Hannah and Jordan rode up together.

At the top of Isberg we caught our breath, snapped some photos and then sped down to Cripple Creek. The Parks near Ester had SUPER strong headwinds, but persevered and made it to Goldhill. No waiting, so kept pedaling fast until I caught Jordan and Hannah stopped by a growling dog. We regrouped and quickly kept going to get away from the growling dog. Met up with Heidi on Sheep Crk connector. (Heidi had blasted away from us! She was strong tonight). We all finished strong together 💪 and beat the train!

Rode about 24 miles averaging 16-16.2 mph. Small group tonight, but an excellent hilly ride!