We picked up a few reports and photos from Facebook and Strava about the Nenana-Rama held yesterday. Have you got any more to share? Send them to Eric at fbxcyclist@gmail.com. Thank you to Black Spruce Brewing Company for sponsoring this race!

From Corrine Leistikow, Facebook, 50-miler

Bonus WOW report – NENANA RAMA!

3 WOW’s came out to race the Nenana Rama, Jordan, Hannah, and me. The rest of you should have joined us. It was a perfect day. Nice temperature. Only a couple of sprinkles, a nice little tailwind on the way out and a little more headwind on the way back. It didn’t rain and the pavement was dry! And we didn’t overheat on the climbs.

50 riders started the 50-mile race at a fairly sedate pace. Hannah was having none of that. Up the first little climb, she moved out to the left and picked up the pace, leading the race for a bit. I tried to catch her wheel but was boxed in by riders and the rumble strip. Oh well, I never caught her and Jordan again as they are faster hill climbers. But I did work a little with Dean, a long- distance cycler, and another woman, Becca, who I’m trying to recruit to ride with WOW although she is only here for a year.

With that little tailwind on the way out, I was able to get a QOM on Strava – although once the others load their rides, I’ll lose it! It pays to be fast when downloading your rides!

I was just behind Dean at the turnaround point. He stopped but I saw no reason for stopping so I just turned around and headed back. I didn’t know until the finish but once Dean saw I hadn’t stopped, he immediately jumped back on his bike to try and catch me. He never did, though! I might have been faster on the way back if I knew he was right behind me.

The way back was a bit harder with a headwind and nobody to work with but there is more downhill which helped. And once we passed the 25-mile turnaround, I was able to start trying to pick off 25 mile riders which gave me incentive to push the pace. My goal was to finish in under 3 hours and my Strava time was 3:57 so I made my goal!

Alisabeth won the women’s race and Hannah and Jordan finished together a few minutes later to round out the podium. I was 4th, just a few minutes behind them but was happy about feeling good and making my own personal goal. Although I love when this is a century ride (and I hope they can bring that back next year), it was super fun to do a 50-mile race because you can actually race and push for that amount of time.

Hope more WOW come out next year!

Distance: 48 miles
Avg speed: 16.9 mph for Jordan and Hannah. 16.3 for me
Elevation gain: 4100 feet
Fastest speed: 43.4 mph

Corrine Leistikow photo captions from left: Hannah and Jordan aren’t paying attention to the camera! Too busy talking to other riders!; WOW riders at the finish; Women’s Podium: Alisabeth, Jordan and Hannah

From R. Jensen, Strava, 25-miler

2023 Nenana-Rama Bike Race-25 miler

First ever IRL road race. Partnered with Mark, an experienced racer, and kept up a good pace, gapping the rest of a small field (most racers opted for the 50-miler but I was too chicken).

Mark was a bit ahead of me when I noticed we blew right by the turnaround point, which was only a cone with no flaggers. Went an extra mile before I was able to catch up to Mark and tell him we went too far.

I stopped for a longer drink while Mark forged ahead. One rider caught me but I left them behind at the first hill. Never caught Mark, though. He got first and I took second out of a field of about 16.

From Ginny Kinne, Strava, 25-miler

Nenanarama 25

Signed up for the 50 miler but did the 25. Perfect weather. Hard hills but overall awesome time. Finished 10th apparently. Not sure how many total did the 25 miler.