Love to ride bikes but not a big fan of outside winter riding? Or maybe you like to mix up your outside winter riding with some indoor workouts. The Fairbanks Cycle Club has you covered.

We have a Fairbanks-centric Zwift group for all you indoor riders. (If you don’t know what Zwift is, head to the bottom of this article.) The weekly hour-long rides will start at 2 p.m. on Sundays, starting January 7.

What are the advantages of joining an FCC Zwift group?

  • Ride with folks who really know what you’re talking about when you complain about the weather!
  • Have a group of cycling friends available when you want to cycle outdoors.
  • Connect with local cyclists who can share information about local riding.
  • Stay motivated to ride. (After all, you may actually see your riding buddies in person and have to explain why you haven’t been showing up to the rides!)
  • Ride with people who have a much different pace in real life. (Zwift lets you choose your exertion level.)
  • Helps you make sure that trainer or indoor bike you got as a gift doesn’t just become a clothes hanger!


How to sign up for the FCC group

  • From the Zwift Companion app
  • Press “Clubs” in the bottom menu
  • Select “All Clubs” and search for Fairbanks

Talk to your Riding Buddies!

We’ve also created a Discord group, which allows riders to talk to each other while riding. Join the group HERE.

What is Zwift?

Zwift is an online cycling and running physical training program that allows you to interact with others while training and/or competing in a virtual world. You can ride, race, follow training plans, explore new worlds, and meet new friends. Find out more HERE.