FCC President Eric Troyer recently had an email exchange with Fairbanks Borough Assembly Member Savannah Venetis Fletcher. She used to fatbike more, including on cabin trips, and she passed on a photo of a rig she used to use with her dogs. It’s a design very much like skijorers use when using a pulk, with the sled between the dogs and skier or biker. If you’ve got dogs and gear, this is one way to do winter bikepacking trips.

And the reason Fletcher is not fatbiking much anymore? Well, besides having a full-time job as an attorney and being the presiding officer of the Fairbanks Borough Assembly, she’s also a mom with a young child. That’s a lot! But the parenting aspect reminded Troyer of some photos that came our way a couple of years back from Fairbanksans Kevin Breitenbach and Melanie Vriesman. They figured out a way to take their young son on fatbiking cabin trips with them using a Chariot.

There are all sorts of ways to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. Even if you’ve got dogs and a lot of gear, or if you’ve got kids. Here are the photos to help inspire you.

Photo from Savannah Venetis Fletcher.
“I liked that the sled wasn’t at risk of bumping into my bike when going downhill with this set-up.”

From FCC Facebook post on March 12, 2021

Want to do a cabin trip on bike, but you’ve got a kidster too young to bike? Kev and Mel show how they took their son Sawyer on a recent White Mountains cabin trip! Trailers can have fat tires, too! And notice that Kev is getting a little help on the front end. (Almost forgot mention: Apparently, Sawyer pretended he was in a Star Wars pod racer!)