A fun SOS ride in the heated highlands while avoiding the frigid temps down low.

We started off the ride at a balmy -5F and climbed a bit up subdivision roads to the start of the trail. Might have even been close to 0F up there. Woohoo!

We did an out-and-back on the O’Connor Creek East Ridge Trail from the end of Green Leaf Road. Trails were in really good shape. Everyone seemed to have a good time though at different times, so to speak.

We had 5 total riders, or 7 or 8, depending on how you’re counting. Eric and Corrine were joined by Jeremy, Matt and Nita at the start. Devin and Erica started late but had gotten directions and so caught up to us. Janet started even later and met us on our way back, but she is from the neighborhood and knows the trails well, so she continued on her own. Eric, Matt, and Nita turned back after about 4 miles or so. Corrine and Jeremy, and Erica and Devin, went farther.

After the ride we enjoyed hot cocoa and tea, and some chocolate chip pumpkin bread made by Corrine.