A good SOS ride happened, but not as planned and without the scheduled leader!

Ride Leader Eric had a major brain fart and showed up at noon instead of the scheduled 11 a.m. Fortunately, the SOS riders are adaptable and, after waiting 20 minutes, decided to do a ride on their own.

Eric apologizes profusely and promises to have Siri set an alarm before the next ride that he leads.

Here’s a report from de facto leader Matt, who became leader “probably because I was the first person to start pedaling.”

We headed from the motorized boat area along the road towards the waterfront pavilion where we followed the trail back towards the entrance to the Tanana Lakes Rec Area. We rode down the Chickadee Trail so we could collect a picture of one of the FNSB parks and rec winter trails challenge signs. From there we headed over to the start of Bonnifield Trail, which we followed out to the Tanana River.

There was some discussion about following the trail across the river, but the trail was looking pretty soft with some black spots indicating open water, so we decided to head back to the rec area and explore some more.

We missed the turn back onto the trailhead (Glenn blamed his foggy glasses for missing the turn), so we followed the path around a small pond back to the service road, and headed back on the nicely groomed service road to the small boat area where we turned off onto the trail that heads out to the river overlook at the end of the motorized boat area.

From there it was a quick hop back to where we started the ride.

Photos by Nita