The FCC SOS ride last Sunday was a success despite some new snow. See the report below. The next SOS ride is the Pie Ride! Remember to RSVP if you want to get in on the pie order.

Find out more about our other winter rides and ones put on by others on our Winter Rides page.


Nine total came out for this ride.

We had about 1.5 inches of snow on the trails with some falling as we rode. But the base was solid and the snow was fluffy, so the riding was good. We kept up a good pace and stayed warm.

Eric subbed for Jenny, who was nursing an injury, and he really enjoyed the course Jenny had laid out because it took him on a couple of trails he had never been on before! In fact, many of the trails were mostly new to most of the group. Plus, Eric got to use his iPhone and GaiaGPS app for navigating. Worked well!

We ran into several walkers and a group of eight skiers. (We debated on having a rumble since we were one up on them, but they have poles with pointy ends.)

The ride took us from Goldstream Sports to the intertie along Gold Hill Road via the Boat Trail and power line. We took the intertie to the Sheep Creek Dredge Path trail and that back to the power line, where we crossed and took some other Ace Lake area trails over to the power line that extends south from Hay Way, off Sheep Creek Road.

Then it was back on the Sheep Creek Multi-use Trail and Ann’s Greenhouse field trails back to Goldstream. Matt, however, was feeling spunky, so he peeled off and rode the hay field trails off Hay Way all the way over to the Tanana Valley Railroad Trail in the Goldstream Valley. That connects back into the multi-use path and he finished right behind the last of our group.

The ride was mostly uneventful, though Matt did go snow swimming at one point. And most found a little dip on the power line south of Hay Way a bit challenging. There was a bit of chaos there, but no broken bones. Glenn and Dean probably gave us the most entertainment. Dean, riding caboose, attempted the hill, but didn’t quite make it and landed on his butt. Glenn made the hill and then fell right after clearing the top. Say what?!

Everyone enjoyed some fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies from Corrine, though we found if you wanted to have them at the end of the ride they required a bit of thawing first.

All in all, an excellent ride!