Last week’s Fat Tired Tuesday Night ride was “interesting,” according to leader Dean. It was on the Tanana River and the river had a few surprises. Dean was cautious and made a good decision to turn back earlier than planned.

Read Dean’s report here:

There were 4 of us, Dave, Gus, Hazel and myself were ready for the river last night. We didn’t really know how far we were going to get so we just played it by ear. I was able to find a hard packed single track trail that started from the parking lot but the trail ended up going soft within a mile but still bikable. Eventually became really soft and we had to deflate a bit to not rut it up too bad and have a better ride. 

We came up on our first of three sections of overflow. I got off my bike and tested it by just putting a foot on it and then eventually my entire body and it seems pretty solid. So I got on my bike and we continued on. Shortly after that we came across a second stretch of overflow and was softer but if we walked over this little snow bridge, it seemed doable.  

However, when we hit the third stretch of overflow, it was soft and you could actually see standing water at the surface. To keep everyone safe and dry, we had agreed it was a good turning around point. We had agreed to maybe do a 4 miles in and 4 miles out once we got going but ended up only being about 3 in and 3 out, 6 miles total.  

Overall, it was a little work but sections were fast and there were some “work for it” sections as well but still very doable.