This past weekend’s Sundays on Snow had some great adventures. Dean led the ride, but didn’t always lead the ride. And if you want to know what the Superb Owl is, well, you’ll just have to come on another ride that Matt’s on and ask him!

Here are reports of the ride from some of the participants.

From Dean
We had 5 riders including myself. Matt really helped navigate a lot. We had a short route for anyone that wanted to go see the Super bowl but the rest of us stayed out longer and rode on the Ivory Jack’s side of Goldstream Valley. My Strava ended up saying we had close to 18 miles for the day.  Great weather and the trails were in great shape.  Fast!!!

From Matt
Sundays on Snow – Superb Owl Sunday Edition 🦉🏈
Tons of fun, we went looking for the Superb Owl but didn’t manage to find him. Dean tried to take us out all the way to Fox so I took over the navigation, Nita got her head stuck in her jacket, we cruised downhill, visited the cabin on stilts, rode the Ivory Jack’s winter trail, rode a straight shot down Plumber’s Crack, and then I put my boot back in the overflow again in almost the same spot because I didn’t learn my lesson yesterday.

From Nita
SOS Ride – Wait, turn left or right at the road?
Ballaine pull off out on Goldstream trails, cross back over Ballaine, out on more trails, a stilt house out there somewhere, small crash, tore my favorite pants… where are we? No, I don’t want to go up another hill. Don’t pull out a map, I don’t want to read a map. Follow the trail and turn left at the road? 👍 Oops, he meant right. Turn right at the road. That’s okay, I found the truck…

Photos below from ride participants.