When: March 17, 2024, start at 11am

Where: Meet at the Trailhead near Two Rivers School

Estimated tour time: About 3-4 hours; 12-20 miles; (adjustable based on who shows up).

Description: A bit of exploring near Two Rivers school on some trails that Travis knows and hopefully a couple new trails too. We will try not to get too lost.

The ride is free, but you’ll need to be a member of the Fairbanks Cycle Club. Two-week memberships are available for $10.

Temperature cut-off: The ride will be canceled if it’s 15F below or colder at 8 a.m. according to this weather station (scroll down to “latest observation”).

Helmets: Always required for FCC rides.

Dogs: No dogs please.

Leader: Travis Naibert (tnaibert@gmail.com)