By Maria

It was a small group for this evening’s ride up the Old Nenana Highway. The group consisted of our fearless leader Erica, Hannah, Mallory and myself. We all met at the Ester community park with Mallory. She arrived right at 6 after battling a headwind all the way from Goldstream Sports.

We joked about doing an easy ride, but who are we kidding? This is WOW. We don’t do easy.
A grueling pace was set right out of the gate. When our fearless leader, Erica, got in the front she took the pace up a few notches! The four of us stayed in a tight group for the long uphill that marks the first 3.8 miles of Old Nenana. Thank goodness Hannah pulled me along near the end, otherwise I would have been dropped!

When we were nearing the top of the first section of the hill – Erica’s front tire bumped into Mallory’s rear tire, and BAM! Down Erica went! Hannah narrowly missed running over Erica and partially fell herself. I narrowly missed the pile up by a few inches! Erica did get some road rash, but was otherwise okay. After we made sure Erica was okay and her bike was operational, she decided to finish the remaining section of the hill before returning to her car early. This is why Erica is our fearless leader!

Hannah, Mallory and I pounded out the remainder of the Old Nenana ride; averaging 13 mph for the whole climb. Once we got to the intersection of Old Nenana and the Parks we decided to turn around early since we didn’t have our fearless leader to lead us! On the way back, the battery for Mallory’s wireless shifters started to die and she was stuck in her lowest gear! Hard to keep up with WOW if you can’t shift! Luckily her shifters came back to life and she was able to shift up for the downhill. Mallory then proceeded to smoke Hannah and me, clocking the max speed for the ride at 40 mph.

Average Speed: 16 mph
Total Distance 18.9 miles