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2020 ALASKA WALK/BIKE CONFERENCE STARTS JUNE 9 Virtual and free Makes attending easy!
The link has been updated with an agenda, speaker topics and biographies, a registration link, and more.
FCC BIKE MONTH NUMBERS, NOW LET’S BIKE SUMMER! The FCC had some great numbers during Love to Ride’s Bike Month! We cycled 5,869 miles in 303 trips! Keep biking, because we now have the May-Sept challenge. If you haven’t joined yet, check out the link below.
If you already use one of the below apps, you can connect them so that your rides are automatically updated (and your past rides will be counted). You can also enter your miles manually. Whatever your flavor, if you are a Fairbanks cyclist, we would love for you to be a part of our group!
Strava MapMyRide Endomondo The Love to Ride app
Oh, and if you’re looking for people to ride with, we have started our weekly rides. Check them out here:
Note that the SCUM Sunday rides are now starting at 9am.
HELP GUIDE ARCTIC RESEARCH The Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC) is developing a five-year research plan and wants your input. (And snowbikers probably have something to say about this!)
The committee seeks input from a wide variety of sectors including citizens who live in Arctic areas, like interior Alaska. Residents are one of the four policy drivers of the plan. Of particular interest to residents is “Health and Well-being,” one of nine topics that the research will explore.
If you believe federally-funded science and engineering research can support your information needs for living or working in the Arctic, then the committee would like your input for the IARPC research plan for 2022-2026.
IARPC is committed to a transparent and equitable engagement process throughout the Plan’s development and you can learn more about planned engagement events here: tinyurl.com/yda36k75
You may provide input in any of the following ways by August 2nd: Email comments to: IARPCPlan@nsf.gov. Submit a comment through the Federal Register Notice which can be found online here: tinyurl.com/y7jh9krt. You may also direct additional questions to Meredith LaValley at 940-733-5675 (mlavalley@arcus.org)
REPORT ON ROSIE CREEK RAMBLE – FIRST OFFICIAL TUESDAY NIGHT RIDE The first official Tuesday Night MTB Ride of the season was a resounding success! Seven of us explored the Rosie Creek forestry roads and somehow avoided swamps (despite a couple of chances) and rain showers. (Couldn’t avoid the skeeters, though!) Lots of descending in the beginning meant for lots of climbing at the end, but it was all rideable. The roads (some are more like trails) wind through the woods south of the Parks Highway just west of town. They are mostly in the trees, but we did get a couple of nice view spots.
We did a mostly good job of keeping our social distances, though we did forget a few times. We’ll have to pay a bit more attention to that on future rides.
The ride starts at a wide spot along a power line near the intersection of the Old Nenana and Parks highways. If you follow the power line trail down to the start of the forestry roads, take care. That area is popular for target practice. We heard shooting on our way back, so we avoided that connector trail and just rode the Parks back to the start.
That wide spot and the forestry roads are the subject of a planned project to make them more usable for recreation. The wide spot will be turned into an official trailhead and navigation signs will be placed along the roads.
If you are on Strava, you can view the ride track here: www.strava.com/activities/3556228944
Next ride is the Skyline Ridge Skedaddle. Check the ride schedule here: www.fairbankscycleclub.org/rides/tuesday-night-mountain-bike-rides/
PROFILE ON A ONE-LEGGED BIKER It’s amazing how people can adapt and thrive with the right attitude!
“He Lost His Leg, Then Rediscovered the Bicycle. Now He’s Unstoppable.” tinyurl.com/y7qenkzk
WEEKLY FCC RIDES START! Fairbanks Cycle Club group rides have started!
The FCC Board of Directors, after consulting with local medical experts, has given the go-ahead for ride leaders to hold group rides as long as proper precautions are taken. Riders must follow social distancing protocols issued by the State of Alaska.
Guidelines for riders and ride leaders: (These apply to riders from different households) —Riders are allowed to ride in a pace line, but riders in front must not clear their noses or spit. (Allowing pace lines contradicts earlier advice, but Alaska medical experts are considering a number of factors in allowing pace lines, such as the relatively low incidence of COVID-19 in Alaska and the dispersion of breath while outside and moving fast.) —When not moving, riders should stay at least 6 feet apart, more if they are breathing heavily. —Do not carpool to ride starts —Do not share equipment (such as clothes) —Any group snacks should be individually wrapped. —Use your common sense when facing unusual situations.
See our rides page here (note that Sunday SCUM rides now start at 9 a.m.): www.fairbankscycleclub.org/rides/
BIKEPACKING DENALI Solo overnight bikepack trip on the Denali Park Road:
BIKEWAYS MAPS AVAILABLE, BEING UPDATED As you’re enjoying the sunshine and getting out for rides, remember that Fairbanks has a map of bike paths and bike-friendly roads. It’s called Bikeways. It was last updated in 2018, and a new version is being worked on. It should be done in the next month or two.
You can get a current Bikeways map online. Here’s a link to a PDF version:
Paper copies are still available. They were originally delivered to all the bike shops in town, though those are probably gone now. There might still be some at the Borough administrative building and the transit center. Another place to check is at UAF’s GreenBikes. You can also contact FAST Planning (Fairbanks Area Surface Transportation). They still have some copies. Go to the FAST website and click “Get In Touch”:
And if you’re interested in the keeping up to date on the Non-Motorized Plan, bookmark this page and check it regularly: fastplanning.us/projectsandprograms/nmpupdate/