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NEW YOUTH MOUNTAIN BIKE PROGRAM! Registration is open for the Fairbanks Cycle Club’s new Youth Mountain Bike Summer Program!
This program is open to youths from ages 9 to 14. Participants will learn and improve basic skills on the bike, gain comfort riding on uneven surfaces and practice riding over and around small obstacles, all while exploring local grass and dirt trails!
Specific skills include basic bike balance and maneuvering skills, how to properly operate gears, how to go up and down hills without getting off the bike, and how to roll over and around small obstacles, bumps and holes.
Learn more here:
SCUM RIDES NOW STARTING IN AKASOFU PARKING LOT Just updated our Rides page so show that the SCUM rides (aka SOW: SCUM on Wheels) are starting at the Akasofu Building north parking lot (due to construction that makes the Patty Center parking lot difficult to access). And remember that the rides are starting now at 9 a.m. The Akasofu Building is also known as the Geophysical Institute building (aka: Geophys).
Last weekend I did a long day ride from my front door to Manley Hot Springs. It was a great ride. 155 miles with 11, 500 feet of climbing. My legs were tired. And I didn’t even soak in the hot springs at the end of it. You can read about it here.
CYCLING ESSAYS WANTED Are you a writer who cycles? Or a cyclist who writes? Either way you are wanted! Well, your submissions are wanted for an Alaska anthology of essays by or about contemporary cyclists. Read more here:
ACT ENCOURAGES PEOPLE TO COMMUTE BY BIKE The Bicycle Commuter Act was introduced last year. More information on it can be found in the below links. If you support it, People for Bikes has made it easy to send a letter.
Shared from: PeopleForBikes.org
The Bicycle Commuter Act needs your support! This bill would provide commuters up to $53 per month in pre-tax benefits for biking to work. Send a letter to your representative to cosponsor the Bike Commuter Act today.