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*HOODOO CUP #2 RESULTS AND MORE*HooDoo Cup Mountain Bike Race Series Race #2 results and photos

Race #2 Results and pictures!Sorry for the delay, guys. Here are the result and some sweet images from last…

Posted by HooDoo Cup Mountain Bike Race Series on Thursday, September 3, 2020

*TRAIL WORK PARTY FOR SINGLE TRACK TRAILS SCHEDULED*A Trails Day at Ester Dome Single Track Event will be happening on Saturday, September 19!
*FCC BOARD CANDIDATES SOUGHT*Elections for new Fairbanks Cycle Club board members are coming up in October. All positions are open and several current board members will be stepping down. That’s a great opportunity for others (you?) to step up! The FCC needs dedicated cyclists to help keep cycling an important and vibrant part of the Fairbanks community.
Why should you join the Fairbanks Cycle Club board? We’ve got lots of reasons!
Top Ten Reason #10: To learn about all types of bikes and biking! Road, mountain, gravel, cyclocross, bikepacking, BMX, downhill, freestyle, fatbiking, commuting, racing, pushbikes, recumbents, artistic (artistic?)…. The list goes on and on!
Give us your reasons! Why do you think people should serve on the FCC board?
If you would like to serve please contact our prez at pres@fairbankscycleclub.org
*EQUINOX TRAIL DISCUSSION*Many of our members bike the Equinox Trail. Please remember that some of it runs on private property.
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Running Club North An Important Message from the RCN Board of Directors about the Equinox Trail!
September 2, 2020
Please Respect Private Property
Although the Equinox Marathon is officially cancelled for 2020, there are undoubtedly a number of hard core runners and hikers who will be out there on the trail completing the legendary event in what would have been its 58th annual running on September 19th. While most of the course is on dedicated easements and rights of way, there are portions that are on private property.
Specifically, on the day of the marathon, the Alaska Ski Corporation (ASC) graciously allows runners and hikers to traverse the Tunnel, Zipper, Hook and the infamous Chute, located within its parcel on the top of Ester Dome. Running Club North (RCN) provides liability insurance to protect ASC during the event. However, with the event being cancelled, insurance will not be provided by RCN, and therefore these private property sections of the Equinox Marathon course are to remain closed to runners and hikers.
The RCN Board of Directors asks that you please respect ASC’s private property.
*Comments:*Stan Justice: There are alternative trails thanks to the Interior Trails Preservation Coalition (ITPC). DNR allowed ITPC to brush out a trail along the N-S section line. Both trails are near Styx River Road. The one that goes S is parallel to The Chute and connects to the bottom of The Chute. The one that goes N connects with Nugget Creek Trail. The Equinox can be completed without being in trespass.
David James: Stan Justice I have ridden the southbound trail several times and am loving it. Did I hear correctly that you cut it in? Much appreciated, and frankly, much more fun than the Chute. I had not noticed the trail to the north. Now I have to ride up the Dome yet again. This is a good thing.
Stan Justice: The ITPC spent years trying to get approval to built a trail along the section line and last May I told DNR about the issue with a cancelled Equinox but people still wanting to do the route. I asked If I could cut a “generally allowed” trail and they said ok. DNR has a page of “generally allowed” things on state lands and one of them is to brush out a trail. And yes it was me that did the cutting – took about a week. I want to cut benches on some of the sidehills so will keep pushing DNR to approve our application.
*TUESDAY NIGHT MTB RIDE REPORT*Another great Tuesday Night Ride this past Tuesday: Moose Mountain Motoring. Check out the ride report here:
*DAYTIME CLASS ADDED TO YOUTH MTB PROGRAM*The Fairbanks Cycle Club’s Fall 2020 Youth Mountain Bike Program has been so successful that a new daytime class is being added!
Registration is now open for the class, which will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3-4:30 p.m. from September 15 to October 1. It is open to youths from ages 9 to 16.
The cost is $59 for all six daytime sessions, which will primarily be at Birch Hill Recreation Area or on the University of Alaska Fairbanks trail system. All participants must be a member of the Fairbanks Cycle Club.
For more information and how to register see: www.fairbankscycleclub.org/youthmtb/
*BIKING FILM FESTIVAL COMING IN SEPTEMBER*Filmed By Bike has a biking film festival coming up in September! It will be on YouTube.
Shared from Filmed by Bike Aug 30 Pop some popcorn and sink in for a jam-packed four days featuring the world’s best bike movies, filmmaker interviews, happy hours and so much more.
PRO TIP: Buy a Festival Pass to enjoy it all – on sale $10 off for just a few more days.
Get tickets here:
*KIDS IN THE DRIVEWAY*Cute video on being a friendly neighbor.

*WE PASSED 24,000 MILES! *All right you guys! We’re closing in on 25,000 for Love to Ride’s May-Sept Biking Challenge! We’re over 1,400 trips cycled!
And we’re at 21 riders! Anybody else out there want to join? It’s pretty easy. Check out the link below.
If you already use one of the below apps, you can connect them so that your rides are automatically updated (and your past rides will be counted). You can also enter your miles manually. Whatever your flavor, if you are a Fairbanks cyclist, we would love for you to be a part of our group!
Strava MapMyRide Endomondo The Love to Ride app
Oh, and if you’re looking for people to ride with, check out our weekly rides here:
Beaver Sports also has a weekly MTB ride starting at 5pm every Thursday.