*FCC FACEBOOK WEEKLY WRAP-UP* *(An anti-social media compendium for our non-Facebook members)*
*YOUTH MTB PROGRAM NEEDS CO-LEADER*We’ve got two people willing to co-lead a youth mountain bike program – Joel Buth and Hilary Weller. Unfortunately, neither of them will be available all summer. Who else out there can help with this program? You don’t have to be an expert, just be able to ride your bike and have a willingness to help kids enjoy biking.
Last summer and fall the FCC had a great youth mountain bike program run by Hilary Saucy. Unfortunately, Hilary has moved out of Fairbanks. We would love to continue this program. Hilary has sent us some good organizing material and is available for questions.
Even if you’re not interested in being a co-leader, are you willing to help? If so, please send an email to either Eric Troyer: fbxtrails (at) gmail.com or Joel Buth: joel (at) goldstreamsports.com. Summer is coming soon, so the sooner started the better.
Here’s a description of the fall program from last year: www.fairbankscycleclub.org/youthmtb/
*100 MILES IN MAY CHALLENGE*Looking for a challenge that also supports a good cause?
Shared from Healthy Futures Harlow Robinson April 20 As the director of the Healthy Futures program I’m proud to say 100 Miles in May is the best kind of fundraiser. It gives just as well as it gets.
Check it out here: 100miles.healthyfuturesak.org/ <100miles.healthyfuturesak.org/>
The 100 Miles in May Challenge is an interactive, friendly competition where all activities convert to miles. You do not need to be a runner or any sort of athlete at all.
Competitive? Track your progress on the leaderboards. Challenge your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers to join up. Invite your frenemies. Make a team if you want. See if you can beat our Healthy Futures staff team!
Not competitive? Just set some personal goals and do your own thing. I salute you for challenging yourself!
No matter how you approach it, it’s lots of fun and a great way to get in shape for summer and model healthy behavior for our youth.
Oh, and ALL pledges large and small are appreciated. Your donations are an investment in a healthier, more physically active youth population in AK.
Thanks and I hope you sign up and join me! And if you’re willing to help spread the word, message me a picture of you doing something active (horizontal aspect) and we’ll get you a cool 100 Miles in May badge to post on social media like mine!
*CHENA PUMP INTERSECTION PROJECT*Opportunity to comment on an intersection project on Chena Pump Road.
Shared from Fairbanks Area Surface Transportation Planning April 21 πŸš₯ West Fairbanks – this one’s for you! πŸ›£οΈ You probably know this intersection well… it’s where the transfer site is along Chena Pump Road! πŸš— Traffic count data here warrants a traffic signal or roundabout for safety reasons. Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities is looking to get your input on all ✨ possible ✨ solutions for this intersection before any next steps occur. 🌐 Learn more about this planning process by going to dot.alaska.gov/nreg/smalltracts/ and then take the survey at www.surveymonkey.com/r/ChenaPump2021 πŸ‘‰ If you live in the area, keep an eye out at nearby businesses for info cards with a QR code that links to the survey!
*RIDE A BIKE DAY COMING*Ride a Bike Day will kick off Bike Month! It’s May 2, less than 2 weeks away!
Shared from League of American Bicyclists April 22 Earth Day is the perfect day to start thinking about Bike Month in May and the many ways we can all begin incorporating biking into our lives. There are so many reasons to bike: because it’s fun!
Because it brings us joy, health, and happiness. Because when more people ride bikes, life is better for everyone. So join us on May 2 for the first ever National Ride A Bike Day and help us kick off Bike Month by showing our neighbors and our leaders why making it easier, safer, and more accessible to ride a bike is so important to so many people:
*FAST BPAC MEETINGS*The Bike/Ped Advisory Committee for FAST meets on the last Thursday of every month. The public is invited to attend.
The Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) is advisory to the Technical Committee. These meetings are focused on pedestrian and bike access and safety in FAST Planning projects. The agendas are typically very full. All members of the public are welcome to attend and join in the conversation.
Due to COVID-19, meetings are being hosted online. For security purposes, direct links to the zoom meeting rooms are not shared online. On the day of the meeting, please go to fastplanning.us/keepup/zoom/ and click the activated meeting button. From there, you will be redirected to Zoom.