Last summer and fall the FCC had a great youth mountain bike program run by Hilary Saucy. Unfortunately, Hilary has moved out of Fairbanks. We would love to continue this program.
Joel Buth at Goldstream Sports would love to see it continue, too. Joel is willing to help out, but can’t be the main coordinator. He might be able to be a co-coordinator with the right person. He might also be able to get some volunteers to help out from his store, depending on what time the program is offered. Hilary has sent us some good organizing material and is available for questions.
Is anyone out there interested in helping continue this program? Even if you’re not interested in being the coordinator, are you willing to help? If so, please send an email to either Eric Troyer: fbxtrails (at) or Joel Buth: joel (at) Summer is coming soon, so the sooner started the better.
Here’s a description of the fall program from last year: