Great night out on the trails with the Tuesday Night MTB Riders! Fourteen of us faced a couple of bodies of water but were able to divert around both. We’re getting soft. Where are the bygone days of true swamping?! 

Skarland Trail is in good condition. We did avoid the part that goes through the lowlands in the Pearl Creek Nordic Ski Park near Pearl Creek Elementary School. The rest is looking good. Just a few wet, soft places, but they short and usually easy to skirt around. 

The seasonal pond on the trail just northeast of Ballaine Lake is HUGE! Head there if you want to go for a swim! 

More rides coming up!

Group gathering at Ballaine Lake
Evan contemplates a crossing of the pond on the UAF trails.
Ron considers what we avoided with a little detour right near Pearl Creek Elementary.
Evan celebrating a climb. He didn’t celebrate the rooty downhillls. Not with that bike!
Nearing the end.