*FCC FACEBOOK WEEKLY WRAP-UP* *(An anti-social media compendium for our non-Facebook members)*
*FATBIKE RIDES OFFERED*FCC will offer a beginner-friendly fatbike tour of trails south of Chena Hot Springs Road on February 27. The ride will offer two loops so that people can choose a 5- or 10-mile option. Read more here: www.fairbankscycleclub.org/2022/02/love-road-tour-to-kick-off-2022-fcc-fatty-tours-on-feb-27/
Weekly Fatbike Rides Remember that there are a few weekly free guided fatbike rides being offered. Beaver Sports has a low-key, no-drop ride on Thursdays (starting at 5pm). Goldstream Sports has two A-rides, one on Tuesdays (starting at 7pm) and one on Saturdays (starting at 8am). The A-rides are for people who want to go hard and probably get their butt kicked! Call either store for more details.
Also, please remember while out riding to minimize bothering moose as much as possible. They are incredibly stressed and exhausted after our recent unprecedented snow and rain storms. Just try plowing through the snow off trail. That ice crust makes a hard task even harder. If possible, turn around rather than chase moose off the trail.
*EARLY REGISTRATION FOR TANANA RIVER CHALLENGE*If you’re thinking about doing a version of the Tanana River Challenge but haven’t signed up yet, make a decision soon! This is a great fatbike race with 25- and 45-mile options.
Shared from Tanana River Challenge
Early registration ends Feb 28th! Sign-up before the price increase and before the race fills up! tananariverchallenge.org/registration/
*BIKE MOVIE NIGHT AT UAF*Bike night coming up at UAF!
Shared from UAF Green Bikes Green Bikes Movie Night “The Flying Scotsman” Join UAF Green Bikes for our first movie night of 2022. Drinks and popcorn included!
Wednesday, March 2nd @ 7PM in Arctic Java
*PEOPLE FOR BIKES OPPORTUNITIES*People for Bikes, a bike industry-led group, has a couple of opportunities to help biking. One is a 3-5 minute survey about your biking habits. Another is an opportunity to nominate someone (including yourself) as a local bike champion. Read more on these pages:
Survey www.peopleforbikes.org/ridership-survey
Local bike champion bikechampions.peopleforbikes.org/form-introduction
*NATIONAL BIKE SUMMIT*If you want to help further the national bike movement, consider joining the National Bike Summit. It happens March 27-30 and will be online and in-person (Washington, D.C.). Learn more here:
*ITI BOOK SIGNING *If you’re heading down for the Iditarod Trail Invitational, here’s an event that might interest you. Jill Homer has spent a lot of time cycling or walking the trails around Fairbanks, especially in the White Mountains. She’s done the WM100 a few times. And it’s a good book!
Shared from AK Cycle Chic, Anchorage ‘Into the North Wind’ – Book Signing w/Author Jill Homer SATURDAY, FEB 26, AT 1 PM – 3 PM Duration: 2 hr
Jill Homer is an outdoor adventure enthusiast (among many other things!) and started fatbiking and adventurous living while living in Homer, AK. ‘Into the North Wind’ is a memoir of Jill’s 1000 mile journey across frozen Alaska. Jill is making a stop at AK Cycle Chic to sign her books and share about her adventures, before her next race begins on Sunday, 2/27. Join us!
*ADMA TRAILS CLOSED MARCH 7*If you use the ADMA trails, put this on your calendar.
Shared from Alaska Dog Mushers Association
PLEASE NOTE: TRAILS WILL BE CLOSED ON MONDAY MARCH 7 We will be using the Borough track rig to go around the trails and hopefully knock some air out of the snow. This will help ensure we have harder packed trails once the weather starts to warm up and make the trails smoother and safer for upcoming races and recreation. Thank you! Please share to any appropriate groups that also use the trails.
*STATEWIDE TRANSPORTATION SURVEY*Remember to speak up for cycling and other forms of transportation regarding the Statewide Long Range Transportation Plan. Take the survey. Planners need to hear from you. You have until Feb 25.
In a previous survey in 2021, more than 2,400 Alaskans responded. For Interior Alaska “Lack of Walking/Biking Paths” was listed as third in the “Top Transportation Challenges.” And “More Walking/Biking Facilities” was listed as third under “Priorities.”
So keep speaking up. Keep participating in surveys. If we don’t, planners won’t think cycling is important.
Take the survey here: www.surveymonkey.com/r/WTX6BSX
To find out more about the plan go here: alaskamoves2050.com/
*BIKE BUS!*Here’s an idea. “Bike buses” are when groups of people — adults and kids — ride to school as a group to enhance safety. Plus it’s a lot of fun to ride with others!
Shared from Active Towns Profiles by John Simmerman More bike train bliss…
*ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION FUNDING*The Bicycle and Pedestrian Program of the Federal Highway Administration has a whole website about active transportation funding opportunities. Check it out here: www.fhwa.dot.gov/environment/bicycle_pedestrian/resources/atfft/
*DOGPACKING? CRATEPACKING?*People find all sorts of things to do with and on their bikes!
Shared from BIKEPACKING.com
Newbie dogpackers Cass and Huesos share their experiences—and experiments—in cratepacking. Read on to find all the details of their current setup and those they aspire to, along with a selection of photos from recent dirt road rambles in Oaxaca, Mexico…
*FIRST LADY VOLUNTEER NOMINATIONS SOUGHT*Alaska First Lady Rose Dunleavy has opened the nomination period for the 2022 First Lady’s Volunteer Awards. If you know of a deserving volunteer, check it out. gov.alaska.gov/newsroom/2022/02/10/first-lady-opens-nomination-period-for-2022-volunteer-awards/
*WINTER BIKE COMMUTING*If you aren’t bike commuting in winter, here’s an article to get you thinking. It’s from Minnesota, but it’s got tips relevant to interior Alaska. We have more tips here:
Great quote from the article: ““I don’t bike every day to torture myself, I bike to feel good.”
*ARTICLE ON CYCLE MONOPOLIES*Interesting story about big bike brands buying up independent bike shops. The author takes a while to get to the meat of the story. Here’s the upshot:
“Once the independents are gone, then it will be basically impossible to introduce new independent brands into the market. There will be a few big bike conglomerates like Trek, Giant and Specialized, who do various parts of manufacturing, retail, distribution, component production, and assembly, and there will be SRAM and Shimano. And that’s it.”
*50+ CYCLING SURVEY *The Mineta Transportation Institute is conducting a survey to gather thoughts and preferences about cycling among adults, 50 years old and older. The survey takes about 10-12 minutes and is anonymous. If you’d like to participate, see the survey here: survey.alchemer.com/s3/6365205/50-Cycling-Survey-Summer-2021-to-winter-2022
Here’s an AARP article on the results of a previous survey: www.aarp.org/livable-communities/getting-around/info-2020/50-plus-cycling-survey.html
*FCC RESOURCES*We’ve got lots of useful stuff on our website, including a bunch of information under our Resources dropdown menu: –National and International Cycling Advocacy Groups –Tanana Valley State Forest Roads –Winter Riding Tips –Maps Archive
See those and more under Resources at: www.fairbankscycleclub.org/