The second Tuesday Night MTB Ride was supposed to be the Skyline Ridge Skedaddle, but we’ve swapped that out for the Rosie Creek Ramble, which was canceled due to too much snow on the trails.
The Skyline Ridge Park trails are mostly ready, but at last report a few were still kind of soft and muddy. We don’t want to damage the trails and some of the most fun trails are some of the last to dry out. We almost always do a post-season ride up at Skyline Ridge Park, so we’ll make sure to get to them this season.

*Tuesday Night MTB Ride for May 31–Rosie Creek Ramble. Meet: first pullout to the left after Mile 343 Parks Highway (just before its intersection with Old Nenana Highway).–We leave at 6pm. *
(The online schedule has been changed but not the PDF.)