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The Fairbanks Borough Assembly is considering an ordinance that would remove a part of local law that goes a long way in protecting area trails. I wrote a blog post about it. I included a link to the post in the most recent edition of the Interior Trails Newsletter, but this is important enough that I wanted to highlight it even more. The blog post includes ways you can help.
Assemblymembers Jimi Cash, Tammie Wilson, and Aaron Lojewski are correct to be concerned about protecting private property rights, but I have looked over the issue and I think private property rights are already being protected under the current system. Furthermore, I think the proposed ordinance would take away some of our rights over the state and federal governments.
In the long run, the proposed ordinance could harm the borough’s ability to ensure public access to some long-distance trails, that’s particularly important for people who like to travel long distances on trails, such as snowmachiners, dog mushers, and long-distance bikers, skiers, and runners.
There are several popular trails that might or would definitely be affected by losing the trail easement requirement. At minimum we should research these to see how they might be affected and what landowners would be involved. Examples include the Yukon Quest Trail, the Equinox Marathon Trail, trails in and around Cleary Summit and Chatanika, trails connecting Skyline Ridge Park to the Skarland Trail, trails on and around Ester Dome, trails in the Goldstream Valley, and trails off Old Murphy Dome Road and into the Chatanika River valley.
I hope this ordinance is voted down, but at minimum I hope it is studied more before acted upon. Here is my blog post. See if you agree. If so, please let the Assembly know.
*MEET UP GROUP COMPANY FEATURED IN NEWS-MINER*Rove Co has been offering regular free ski and fatbike meet ups in the Fairbanks area. The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner did a story on the apparel and outdoor adventure company. www.newsminer.com/business/rove-co-outdoor-apparel-creates-community-in-fairbanks/article_d1ddc7e0-87bd-11ed-8c4f-4f2a7e766f78.html
*TANANA RIVER CHALLENGE REGISTRATION OPENS SOON*Here’s an outstanding multi-sport race that starts on the edge of Fairbanks!
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Registration will open at 12am on Monday January 9th, 2023 Visit here to register: ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=99549
*CYCLING TO CHANGE CLIMATE CHANGE*This young cyclist is using her cycling to try to help change our response to climate change.
Shared from BIKEPACKING.com
“Not a Hero’s Journey” is a new film from Catherine Dunn that follows young climate activist Jessie Stevens on a 600-mile ride across the UK to attend the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. Discover the story of Jessie’s People Pedal Power movement and follow her ride with other climate-concerned cyclists here… bikepacking.com/plog/not-a-heros-journey-film/
*DUTCH CYCLIST STARTS HIS JOURNEY IN ALASKA*The News-Miner has a story on a Dutch cyclist who is riding from the Arctic Circle to Argentina. If you don’t get a subscription to the News-Miner, you can see the cyclist’s blog at: henkvandillen.net/en/
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