A bit of humidity fell from the sky on the Tuesday Night MTB Riders last night, but it wasn’t much.

Still, that and the overall dampness sure made the roots fun to play with! And there are a lot of roots on the Skyline Ridge Park trails!

Just five of a us total for last night’s ride. There were a few bumps and bangs as front tires sometimes decided to slide across a root rather than roll over, but no one had any serious injuries.

We headed up from Pearl Creek Elementary School using a bit of the Skarland Trail until we got to the gully climb known by various names: Skarland Ski Hill, Skarland Sledding Hill, Death Gully. Most decided to push up this short-but-steep-climb.

We connected to the lower part of the Skyline Ridge trail system off the top of Moose Trail Road. We headed up the lower part of Secret Trail (Deep Secret), connecting Ski Boot Hill Road, then rode the rest of the way to the far side of Skyline Ridge Park using the Skyline Ridge Trail.

We descended the upper part of Secret Trail, then back up the ridge trail for a descent of After Hours. Love these trails! A couple of trees across After Hours that were too big for our hand saws.

Then up the Van Trail (aka Overtime) and down Heart of Darkness, which is really fun since it was developed as a windy snowshoe trail.

Then back to the cars. Right when we finished that humidity-from-the-sky started again, but we had snacks and drinks and chatted a bit before heading home.

If all that sounds like fun, come join us! We ride every Tuesday night until fall. Next week is the Skyline Ridge Skedaddle. Check out our schedule here. (The rides are free, but you’ll need to be a Fairbanks Cycle Club member.)

For those wanting to learn more about the Skyline Ridge Park trails or explore them on your own, check out Trailforks. You can get the app on your phone so that you don’t get lost.