Report by Corrine

There were 5 riders: Corrine, Erica, Mallory, Maria and new WOW rider Elaine (Welcome!!)

Weather was overcast, low 40’s and headwinds. Elaine showed up with her gravel bike eager to give the group a try, even after she realized a road bike was needed. Rest of us on road bikes stayed as a group in front, pacelining. Every time we paused to check on her, Elaine was always right there cruising up behind! Tough lady! Once she gets a road bike she will be right up with the group.

Route was up Miller Hill, then up Ballaine, then around Goldstream to Old Steese. Up Old Steese to McGrath, down McGrath then back along Farmers Loop. Mallory and Maria were pushing a good, fast pace. I found my legs were a bit tired tonight so my ‘pop’ was not there. We were able to paceline nicely on Ballaine, Goldstream and Farmers Loop. The group split up along Old Steese. Erica’s legs had no pop left and she temporarily got dropped (rejoined group bottom of McGrath). Elaine rode all the way to where Old Steese meets Farmers Loop. She texted Corrine she would make it back to her car. Once back at UAF lot, Elaine pulled in a few minutes after Maria, Mallory, Corrine and Erica. We all cheered we all made it back!

Ride was about 30 miles, averaged 17.2-17.4 mph (could have gone faster but those dang headwinds, and steep hill climbs at the start)!

Ride next week meets at UAF again, hope to see more ladies, eager to bike fast! See the schedule HERE.