WOW (Women on Wheels) had another great season. They got together for an end-of-the-season dinner, and co-leader Corrine Leistkow put together some statistics in the following report. If you are a woman who likes to ride hard, consider joining these fast women. You’ll need to be an FCC member, but that’s easy. Here’s the membership PAGE. Find out more about the WOW HERE.


It was another great WOW season. We had a great post-season get together at Lemon Grass where we reminisced about the rides, went over our stats and discussed upcoming adventures. We might do some fat bike rides this winter. Stay posted. I love this group of fast paced women riders!

WOW stats for the 2023 Season!

  • Total number of rides – 16
  • Miles ridden – 360.5 miles
  • Number of cancelled rides – 6 – Most ever cancelled in one season
    • April 19 – snow
    • July 12 – nobody around
    • August 9 – smoke
    • August 16 – rain
    • August 30 – rain
    • Sept 6 – nobody around
  • Most WOW riders at a ride – 8: May 17 and Butterfly ride
  • Least WOW riders at a ride – 3 for several rides
  • Fastest-paced ride – 20 mph for both the Murphy Dome out and back and the Rogue ride we did around the airport. Both are pretty flat rides
  • Fastest speed – 50.8 mph by Mallory going down Summit on Butterfly Ride
  • Average pace – 17-18.5 mph for almost all of the rides