This week’s Fat Tired Tuesday Night ride was a chilly one!

Three bikers braved the Waterford Trail. It was definitely a bit of an adventure.

While temps were 30-35F below in town, temps at the Waterford trailhead were around just 20F below. Balmy!

The three did a straightforward ride up the trail and out the pipeline to Old Murphy Dome Road and back. The back part was the biggest challenge. It’s a long downhill, so things got real chilly for that part. Jonathan miscalculated his layers and got colder than he had planned, Hazel did a single pogey as an experiment (yikes!) and Dean couldn’t see out of his glasses!

Trails were nice and packed. The group got back to the cars by 7:30 and called it a night.

Next ride hasn’t been scheduled yet, but looking at the forecast, it will probably be another high one. Check the schedule on the ride page.

Photos by Jonathan