This week’s Fat Tired Tuesday Night ride will be an easy-ish loop on the west end of Goldstream Valley. There will be some steep hills, but they won’t be long. There will probably be some overflow to negotiate and/or reroute around. It’s that time of year.

WHEN AND WHERE: Meet at the Ken Kunkel Community Center in Goldstream Valley.

Meet just before 6 p.m. We’ll hit the trails as close to 6 p.m. as we can.

These are intermediate-level rides, but we try to keep up a brisk pace so that we can stay warm. These are no-drop rides, so if the group starts to split up significantly we will try to break it into two groups. We don’t want anyone waiting for long.

You need to be a member of the FCC. Temporary memberships are available, but you must sign up online.

HELMETS mandatory. If you’re used to wearing a thick hat, don’t worry. Wear a thin hat or buff. The combination of thin hat, helmet, and exertion should keep you warm.

No dogs for this ride, please.

For more info on FTTN rides see HERE.


We’ve also got a Tuesday Creamer’s Refuge lunch ride this week and more Sundays on Snow rides coming up. More details on the SOS ride coming soon. Read about other winter rides HERE.