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WOW Ride #4 Parks/Isberg/Chena Ridge

We had some sprinkles and some wind and some sun and some clouds but overall, it was a nice night for our WOW ride. And warm enough for shorts, too. 8 WOW showed up but only 6 of us rode together. Kim was back again but decided she wasn’t quite in biking shape so rode the loop by herself. A new WOW, Abby, showed up but also decided not to ride with us. She has a new TT bike and hadn’t ridden it outside yet so was nervous about riding in a group. Hopefully she gets it figured out and comes back.

Hannah definitely was feeling spunky tonight. She led us out around the roundabout and then immediately laid down the hammer and picked up the pace to about 25 mph. I could barely hold on. She must have had some nervous energy tonight, maybe due to her upcoming job interview! After we turned onto Gold Hill Road, Mallory took the lead and slowed down the pace enough that I was able to hang on up the first slight uphill. I did get dropped on the second hill but not by too much and we all continued up the Parks Highway together.

I was a little behind on the uphill again, but everybody waited for me on Cripple Creek. I decided to just keep going and didn’t stop as I knew they would all catch me going up Isberg. Just as I whizzed by, I noticed that Jordan was taking off her jacket. Oh, oh, that would take a bit more time to pack it away. I should have stopped but by then it was too late. Hannah waited for Jordan, but everybody else took off in a sprint after me and they all caught me before we turned up Isberg.

I kept expecting Hannah and Jordan to pass me, too, but they never did. In fact, after we summited Isberg, we still had to wait a couple of more minutes and were just starting to get worried when they showed up. It ended up that Hannah was going so fast, she missed the turn onto Isberg and Jordan followed her so they got some bonus mileage! And then later, while leading the charge through the subdivision across Chena Pump, she missed the turn onto Steelhead to get on the bike path back to UAF. Her mind must have been elsewhere tonight as I don’t think she is directionally challenged!

All in all, it was another fast and fun WOW ride.
Distance: 20 miles
Avg speed: 17.4 mph (And I was the slowest rider! The others were a little faster)
Elevation gain: 1280 feet
Fastest speed: 43.3 mph by Mallory going down Chena Ridge