06-26-2024: Inaugural FCC JR MTB Ride

Report by Glenn

Great first iteration of the FCC Jr MTB ride!

Was very concerned the smoke/AQI wouldn’t get low enough but about two hours before the ride we had blue skies and a low enough AQI to ride.

We had one kid and one parent. Even though he was 8, he was already very skilled. So much so, we totally threw the plan out and went and rode two single track trails with him.

Ride was great. The dad had a mechanical about a half mile from the end, so he ended up kick biking it. Hung out and chatted a bit afterwards. Garrett and I will now be bringing chairs and snacks for post ride banter!

Next week is off, due to the Fourth of July happening the next day, but we’ll be ready to ride again July 10!

Photos by Chris